magical Armenia

It was the hustle worth to get Matatu into Armenia, then we got already rewarded on the first night up at the Ambert at Mt. Aragats.
A thunderstorm was rolling over the mountains straight behind a breathtaking scenery.

Moreover, Yerevan proofed it self with its bars, cafes and clubs as very cosy and vibrant city.
So we found us spending most of the day infront of the hostel entrance, drinking lemonade and and observing the street life. Frankly speaking, one other reason was as well the temperatures which climbed up to 35°C, which apparently is "not" that hot as locals says, in summer it can get up to 45°C... holly molly...
Luckyly there's always an old church or a monastry at hand which is providing a welcoming cool down.

Seen most of the monastries, I can confirm that Tatev is the most impressive one.
Although the weather didn't show it self from the happy side, it appeared that the weather created an incredible atmosphere and a delightful light play. It was just perfect to hang out and enjoy the sunset and so we decided to find a nice camp spot with hope for another spectacle when the sun rises.
The disappointment was great as we had to discovered that we were wrapped in thick fog with a visibility of barely 4meters.

Armenia turned out to be the country so far with the best wild camping spots, each one providing a gourmet view like no other.
Big thumb up!
If you love camping then you need to visit Armenia, you won't regret it!