the fantasy world

After the turkish border bureaucracy was I approaching the gorgian border a bit annoyed.
It didn't hold on for long as I got welcomed to georgia with a big smile from the border police: "Welcome to georgia!", it was ment honestly.
The 5min check was rather because the curiosity of the police officers than about the official matters, a swiss LandRover Defender is a rarity.

One hour later I found myself sitting infront of a glass of Chacha (kind of georgian vodka), talking to a few locals in German and Russian.
A few minutes before I had parked Matatu infront of the Batumi hostel and went to check myself in. It was not only a check in, it was also when the story "the naked girl no.2" happened but that's another story which i will tell you somewhen in the future ;)
Anways, I just went down to grab my stuff for the first shower after few days, yes I smelled like a skunk, as an old men approached me and asked me in perfect German where I'm from. It took me a few minutes to convince him that I first wanted to take a shower but then will happly drink with him ONE shot of Chacha.
As expected, it shouldn't stay with ONE shot then the georgian hostpitaly is endless...

Three days later and two Girls from the US onboard, we started the journey up into the mountains.
Exploring the mystical blood tower in Svaneti and enjoying the fresh mountain air and hiking in Mestia was the plan but our destiny had other plans.
Unluckyly, I was asked not to publish pictures or details about this story but what I can tell you: It was a damn good night!
The long night didn't hold us up to catch up with the couple from Kyiv which we met in the hostel in Batumi days before and to climb the hill next to Mestia. It tooks us an eternity up there, either because we were not in shape or because the wine the night before...
But the mood was good and so decided the Ukrainians and I that we will drive to Ushguli after the hike, not knowing what that ment.

A two hours drive for 44km on a road is quite a record. Nop, it was no off-road track just a so badly damaged and flooded road.
Avoiding potholes was impossible, driving max. 15km/h and trying only hitting the "small" potholes was causing headache BUT it was totally worth it :)
Due to its remote location and that terrible road could stay Ushguli like it used to be the last century.
Ushguli is definitely a must see in Georgia but I will not drive there again - it was simply a nightmare.

Before continuing to Armenia, I wanted to visit Vardzia a monastry-city dug into a cliff and therefore had to pass the city of Akhaltsikhe.
Driven by the seek of food, I drove into the city and stumbled over the massiv fortivied old town/monastry, which I wasn't at all aware of before. 
This beautifully refurbished fortress turned quickly into one of my favourite spots but that was then when I didn't knew that I will spend more time in Akhaltsikhe than I ever wanted.
The problem started after a night camping infront of Vardzia with two germans. Due to the uneven floor I was forced to use the shift wedges that I won't roll out of my bed and so wanted to remove them before leaving. Usually is that done by releasing the clutch and roll of the wedges but do you do when the clutch has no pressure and lays on the ground?!
Mierda, the clutch slave cylinder was leaking and so Matatu lost all its break fluid...

How the hack do I get those 70km back to Akhaltsikhe now?