The Oddest City

I heard a lot of stories about Astana and all of them were about the buildings.
It becomes pretty quick clear when you drive into the Kazakh capital: This city is different than all others you have ever seen before.

WTF, that's the therm you will be using quite likely more often than you really intend to.
The city is so messed up with the diversity of architecture style that it rather looks like a theme park than a business city.
Not only is Astana the home of the world largest tent, which is a shopping centre, it also has a Pyramid, old Roman style buildings, British semi-detached houses, a copy of the Arc de Triomphe and some more buildings which look like the end of a spyglass or that the architect drunk a bottle too much of Vodka.

However, the diversity is so crazy that it's already damn cool!
I spent hours walking around and taking hundreds of pictures - I just couldn't stop, around every corner was another insane building which needed to be captured with my camera.