Boy-Band in Skirts

Tired of bureaucracy and after a few wild nights out, I was ready to hit the road again.
Sure, it was not such a long drive to Bishkek but knowing that I got the visas in my pocket, I took it easy.
The border guard took it easy as well, opened the door and asked for chocolate.
"Errr, excuse me sir, please what?" - "chocolate, it's lunch time"
Is that a new way of bribing?
Not willing to help this feller out, I grabbed two expired yoghurt out from the fridge and handed them over to him.
With a big smile he took them and waved me through to the custom control.
That was the first time a bin was smiling at me.

I could not get out of Matatu as Mille already started to hassle me about lunch.
We met in Almaty and spend the time together and decided to join up for the Pamir Highway. Anyway, he left a few days earlier as he had to apply for his Turkmenistan visa in Bishkek and I had to wait for my Uzbek visa in Almaty.
After we filled our stomach and bought a new sim cart, I went to sign in at the hostel.
The girls behind the desk of InterHouse were just incredible friendly and made me an unbeatable offer to sleep in Matatu and use all their facilities.

Even though the desk girls were really nice and helpful, they gave us a rather awkward tips where to go out on Saturday night.
As they told us we headed out to Kvartira (квартира) or translated: apartment. This is a restaurant/bar styled like an old soviet apartment and serves, indeed, really tasty food and draft beer.
After the meal we got to know two other Germans who had their last night before flying back home.
Quickly was another beer round ordered and we started to exchange travel stories.
It didn't take long and two, rather drunk, local girls came up to us to talk. Needless to say, they knew the night life here better than us and tried to persuade us to come with them to a very cool club.
Naaa, we did not fancy to join them as our amazing girls in the hostel gave us the name of the best club in town.
Little did we know...

Retro Metro, a club in the outskirts of Bishkek was as they told us a large club.
There was just a few details they did not mention to us.
On detail was that the people there are mainly male and 40+. The girls younger but just looking for sugar daddies - nop, pretty looking either.
Furthermore, our ears got blesses with music from a Kyrgyz boy-band who song those really cheesy Latino songs from that boy band Aventura.
I am still not sure if they sang the songs in Kyrgyz or not - it did not sound like Spanish at all.
Maybe I was just too disturbed by their oversized red shoes and skirts...
yes they wore skirts and I will have for sure nightmares for the rest of my life because of that night out in Bishkek.
Thank you Sana, thank you Sarah, we love you

Luckily we easily found cure for that terrible terrible night, as Kyrgyzstan is just fantastic.
We made our way up to lake Issyk Kul as Mille still had to wait for his visa and I had the desire to leave Bishkek as quickly as possible.