Lake Issyk Kul

The road up to Issyk Kul was in a very good condition, though it took us quite a while to get there.
The reason why?
Mille broke the record of being pulled over by the police that day. Five times to be precise!
The first time was not for from the hostel in Bishkek. He drove over a red light, at least that's what the officer said. After discussing about it he changed his mind and blamed him that he was drunk driving.
Always the same story, shaking hands to say hello (salam), few words about where you from followed by being blamed for one thing and then suddenly blamed for another.
I was stopped just once that day for speeding but again the dash cam solved the problem pretty quickly.

The following days at Issyk Kul were pretty much about relaxing.
Driving a bit, stopping, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of the scenery.
We spent the nights at rather oddly named but gorgeous places: the seven bulls and fairytale.
I guess, we enjoyed those places so much because we were alone there the whole time and could start fires. Travelling in off season is most of the time the better choice. Not only because the temperatures are more pleasant, also the spots are deserted. Just the wast and traces of the tourists were indicating that those were busy tourist spots.

Unfortunately, it was also the time when I realised that Matatu loses again pressure on the clutch paddle.
As it was not leaking or losing break fluid as the last time, I expected that I only need to exhaust the air from the system.
First I tried it by my self, without any luck. Then I tried to find a mechanic, which took me longer than ever before.
There is always garage which hosts couple of mechanics. Some are experienced ones others not. Matatu usually gets the most experienced one, then no one has ever seen a Land Rover before.
This time, there were only idiots. Asking questions what the problem is and then disappearing again. We kept waiting as we thought they went to get tools or have to finish their previous work. Later we found out they didn't know what to do and left us behind, not saying one word.
Damn, how did I miss the Russian mechanics. You explain them the problem and without asking, they lie under your car and start looking for the problem.
No one ever just asked me couple of questions to find the problem. Of course I slowly turn into a Land Rover mechanic but still I am not able to tell a mechanic what he has to do. Otherwise I would do it by myself anyway.
After a while I could manage that someone exhausts the air from the clutch. Surprisingly they knew how to do that.
But that was just the beginning of the misery.
A few hours later I was forced to turn around to Bishkek in search of a proper mechanic...

It's a terrible feeling when you need to drive to the mechanic and you do not know if you will make it or the trouble will catch you before.