Beach Of Smiles

After two days relaxing and doing our laundry in Chipata, we are crossing the border to Malawi.
We are welcomed with the famous Malawian smiles and the paper work is done in a few minutes without any difficulty.

As everyone recommended to us Senga bay we're heading first there, only to find out that this is not really what we expected. So we continue the next day straight to Monkey Bay.
Just as we settle down at the camping my cell phone is buzzing: Messages from my parents. Pictures from exactly that spot where we are, just taken in 1979 when my parents drove from Switzerland to Cape Town with their VW T1 called "Camillo".
Yeah, the travel disease was passed down to me by my parents...

Next on our itinerary is Cape Maclear a spot of beauty but also from we heard the scariest stories so far. Robberies, gunpoint and even tourist being shot. But people like to tell those scary stories and most of them are not as bad as everyone says.
As we approach the gate of the Fat Monkeys Lodge Matatus front window gets struck by a rock in the size of a fist and leaves a crack. Everything happens so fast - I am jumping out - kids are running - adults watching and laughing - Thomas is confused.
Not really a nice start of our stay at the cape but the images I will capture late will pay everything off. The people are quite the opposite as the first impression showed; smiles here everywhere!