On the Roof of Malawi

After a long time in the flatlands we are looking forward to the mountains of Malawi.
Our first destination is the Zomba plateau. The drive up is already quite stunning and the fruits, which people sell on the road up, are incredibly tasty - we love berries!!!
We are not sure if the Queens view or the Emperors view is better, however the view up here is breathtaking.

The more serious hike is awaiting us at Mt. Mulanje, not far from the border to Mozambique in the south.
Everyone recommended only to climb Mulanje with a guide. As we are both experienced in hiking in the Swiss Alps, we've decided to go by ourselfs. A decision we will not regret. The trails are easy to find even without signs.

One of our last places we want to see in Malawi is the Majete national park. Nearly all animals here were poached and were reintroduced in 2003 when the African Parks Foundation took over the management.
We fall in love with Majete right in the first minute. The park has nicely renovated facilities, the staff is extremly friendly and is little visited - definitely a hidden gem