The Mamili Nationl Park

Relieved that we made it into Namibia after a long time at the border, we make our way down to the Mamili national park south in the Caprivi Strip.
Mamili is one of those Parks which not many people know about and is therefore not much visited. Probably also because most self driving tourists are afraid of the very sandy tracks to the park entrance.
There are only two campsites. One which is luxurious and expensive and one which is a community camp, cheap and apparently very beautiful. Our choice was obvious but what we find there fascinated us! It should turn out as one of our favourite campsites on the whole journey.
We stay here for a couple of nights despite the fact that there isn't so much game around at this time of the year. Hearing Elephants from far and Lions at night, makes us happy enough even we just spot bushfires, plenty vultures around a carcass and a handful Zebras in the national park.