The Call of the Wild

The three of us squeezed into Matatu are driving over a bumpy gravel road up to Jebel Shams - our first destination in Oman. Already a few Overlander recommended the fortresses and mountain in the Northwest of the country. 
It doesn't take us long to find a proper spot to camp, not far from the abyss of the «Grand Canyon». The view is magnificent and a welcoming change after the four weeks at the Marina beach in Dubai.

How did we miss the nights outside with a fire. With all its exotic Wadis Oman is offering uncountable perfect camping spots. That's why we moving pretty slowly, which is not a bad thing, as our boldest expectations getting fulfilled. Only are we missing a tasty beer, which simply belongs to a fire under the starry sky. But that's a price we are willing to pay.

Oman is famous for its numerous glorious fortresses and so we visit fascinated one after the other. Bahla, Jabrin and Nizwa are the most famous and impressive ones. But after all this sightseeing, we have just one thing in mind: out into the lonesomeness - out, into the wild, into the Wadis.