Welcome to Overland Travelling

To travel  around the world with your own car, also known as overland travelling, is an adventure of its own kind. 

It differentiates completely to Backpacking, as one stumbles repeatedly over new challenges. As example will you turn into a bush-mechanic even if you had no clue about engines at all. If you fed up with the country you currently travel in, you can't just catch a plane and fly to a destination you fancy. It's like you get into a relationship which you can't break up and run away that easily like with a girlfriend. No, we are talking here about a marriage - inclusive oil, tools and a lot of clamour. 

Two years ago I would have laughed at someone who had told me that I would get exactly into such a relationship with an English -  a Land Rover. 
No I had bigger plans in mind: a Bushtaxi (Toyota Landcruiser) or a VW van! But destiny had something different in mind and so I got hooked up with a Land Rover Defender called Matatu, Matatu junior to be precise. 

The latest greenhorn in the overland-movement, is my overland-apprentice Thomas. He had the guts to leave his job/life behind and to rush into this amazing adventure. 
Well, how desperate he must be to do that, of all things, with Matatu, Mille (at least for a few weeks) and me! A tremendous cultural shock! Out of the daily habits and into a dusty and oily can with two stinky overlanders, who were already quite a few months on the road. Soon he has to hold out days without a shower, has to eat with his hands in places where no mobile reception nor civilisation is, where Scorpions and snake singing you to sleep. 

Thomas are you nuts? 

To be continued...