Pizza with an Omnia

On the Facebook group of Overland Sphere was recently a discussion about mobile oven for baking on the road.
No one in the group mentioned the Omnia from OmniaSweden. We have one with us and totally love it. Therefore I threw it into the discussion and mentioned that we also do Pizza with it.
As the Omnia has a round shape with a hole in the middle that the heat also covers from the top, was it not really clear how you can do Pizza with it. Obviously was my explanation how we do it not so clear and question arose.
My good friend, co-pilot and board overland chef Thomas will show you through how its done.

First, of course, prepare your home made dough. Unsure how? check the internet - it's nearly a philosophy how to do it.

Matatu is not so specious and we can't bring all stuff with us. That's why we use a bottle (in this picture with a apple vinegar bottle) which is clean(!) to roll the dough out into a rectangle.

Put your canned or home-made Sugo onto the dough followed by Mozzarella or other cheese. If you somewhere where is no Mozzarella available, use cheese which you know how they taste and is similar to Mozzarella. Don't throw any cheese on it which you didn't taste before, you might screw the whole Pizza.

Toppings: use what you get and/or what you fancy.

So there you go, a normal Pizza ready to bake. Well, not entirely as it still does not fit into the Omnia.
Ok, grab one end of the Pizza and start to roll it. Don't roll it too tight just with normal pressure. Now depending on how much toppings you put on it, you roll the whole Pizza or only a part of it. If it is to big, it won't fit into the Omnia and has no space to grow in the baking process.

Done with rolling, start with the cutting. Cut the Pizza roll into slices as long as the main Omnia mould high is. Put each slice one by one upright next to each other into the Omnia.
Have a look on the picture how Thomas is doing it - that's how it should look like.
Just make sure you covered the whole mould with butter/oil and covered with enough flour. If you didn't... good luck with getting it out after baking.

The baking duration depending on your gas stove. We always bake in the lowest possible flame, which takes about 45min for the Pizza. If you are unsure, check regularly but be aware: to much heat will burn the bottom and the top will still be raw.
On the picture you see how it should look like when the Pizza is ready to eat - bon apetito.

By the way: Instead of slicing the Pizza roll, you can form also a circle with it so it fits like that into the Omnia. This method will be bit more crisp as the one we descried.
Maybe you should try out both variants to find out which is more to your linking ;)