South Russia

And with us the chaos, that's how we felt when we arrived in Sochi.
The day after our arrival it started to rain, to much rain - a Tbilisi like rain - so Sochi (Adler) was quite badly flooded.
Not only kept the holding on rain us inside but also gave me a kick in my butt to finallise the website.
It was the time to chill, relax and clamn down after the drive down from Switzerland, it also was the time to get back into the Russian language as not one in the hostle spoke any english... oooopss

Frankly speaking, I was expecting something else from Sochi.
There are always places which one paints in his mind and if you get there you are kind of dissappointed as the expectations were too high.
Nevertless to say, I had a great time down there and met a lot of pretty sweet people who made the stay in Sochi unforgettable.
To get brain-washed with the Russian language by Russians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians and belorussians is a quite odd experience - no I am not talking about Vodka drinking.

We had also our first encouter in Anapa with the hords of Russian mosquitos, which enjoyed the tasty blood of a traveller which was dumb enough to be unarmed with anti-repellent. A itchy lesson which will be not forgotton - buggers
Furthermore, I got to know the ignorance and disrespectfulness of some russian drivers in traffic jams. Driving 'off-road' with their Shigulis only to cut the line and to collapse the whole traffic flow seems to be one of the nations favourite hobby. They are so addicted to it, that they even embrace the possibility that their engine break down or lose a tire.
But who doesn't like comedians anyway? :)

We are definitely looking out for more funny Shigulis drivers, incredible friendly russian people, great Couchsurf hosts and breathtaking camp spots.
Russia holds what it's promissing: A lot of new stories and adventures!

спасибо всем за приключения