How to Crash a Wedding

«Ladies and Gentleman, we are approaching Zurich airport. Please return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts and bring your seat back into upright position», this announcement sounds likes sweet music in my ears. In that moment you know, you are done with sitting around and soon released back into your freedom.
The last 23 hours were quite exhausting but also interesting. Met few interesting people on the flight from Windhoek to Johannesburg. Not to mention the cool Emirates crew on the connection flight to Dubai. Just that drunk idiot who smoked in the toilet of that flight was an annoyance for everyone. And now a nearly empty Airbus A380 on the final leg to Zurich - I really struggled to use all those 60 or more fee seats in those 6h 30min flight.
My main concern interrupted my thoughts one more time: Will everything work like planed?

An one hour train ride later in Lucerne I board the train to Stans, my «home town». Like an Assassin I sneak into the train and hide myself as good as possible in a corner. If someone recognises me - game over. I can not afford to be seen by anyone but also remember the words from Johannes: «If you do the obvious which no one is expecting you to do, no one will notice you.»
Hopefully is that saying right! But it seems to work, at least until step out of the train.
There she stands, a former neighbour, looking at the disembarking passengers and me... holly molly... I walk past her... her eyes fixed on the train... uuufff, that was a close call!

Walking through the village with my massive backpack and no one recognises me is coming close to a miracle. So good so far but my biggest fear is that my parents did not take the bait - you never can fool your parents!
One more step - at least it's a perfect day! - one more step - what if my parents get a heart attack? - one more step - it still looks the same like two years ago! - one more step - the thriller starts!

My mum is outside and taking down the clothes from the clothes line. I'm walking closer, my eyes fixed on her. She did not see me yet. A few more steps and she starts to lift her head. She freezes in her motion - every snowman would be jealous to be so stiff. «No!», followed by a louder «No!» and another one and another one...
«What's wrong?!», my dad comes running out of the apartment and his eyes literally popping out.
Damn yeah, it worked!

It was quite a lot of work to fooling your family and friends for three month. My oldest best friend getting married and everyone expected me to come home for that occasion. Unluckily, I can not leave Africa without Matatu. Well at least that was what I told everyone.
When it worked with my family, then Melanie and Thomas (no, not the one who was travelling with me) must believe also I am not coming. So I have to hide one more day in the house of my parents before the wedding. The risk to be recognised on the street is too high. If someone sees me, the news will travel around faster than light!

From the lonesomeness of the African bush into the beehive of a wedding.
Warm welcoming hugs, speechless friends, excitement, questions over questions and a shocked bridal couple.
Those two are on the photoshoot and driving past the gathering guests when they catch a glimpse of me: Melanies biggest concern «We have no name-tag for him!», where Thomas starts getting nervous «We have to call the restaurant and tell them someone more is coming!».
Huch, how wonderful! The hard work pays out. No one, simply no one knew that I'm coming - what a success!