«It's Afghanistan Baby!»

The road direction Khorog leads us repeatedly over very windy plateaus until the final descend down into the valley. 
We drive the direct route and not the detour over the Wakhan valley as we want to do it later on the Afghan side. A few month ago that would not be possible as the spring rains were heavier as usual. This caused a few landslides which covered the road. On one place was the slide so big that the river was completely blocked and formed a nice little lake. Only the roofs, which barely reach out of the water, look a bit misplaced - luckily no one was hurt in this incident.

Khorog is an incredible beautiful oasis in the middle of this inhospitable surrounding. The people here are friendly too and speak unexpectedly good English. The reason why is the university which maintains a very good reputation. 
We park in the courtyard of the Pamir lodge where we will camp the next few days. We do not much else than going to the local market, eating a Plof in a restaurant or to talk to different people.

We wanted originally to obtain or Afghan via here. But due to the current Taliban activity is the situation near the Tajik border rather risky. We discuss quite long about it: what speaks for and what against it. We even visit twice to the consulate of Afghanistan and can speak in person to the consulate the second time. We ask him for his honest opinion as we have the feeling that they really would love to have tourists in their country and try to convince us to go. 
«as longer as you wait as riskier it gets», he confesses!  Ok that's a no for us.

We explain that we really would love to see their country but a also don't like to gamble with our lifes. We thank him and his staff for their help and wanted to leave when the consuls secretary with a big smile casually says: «it's Afghanistan baby! »