The People of Wakhan

Mille and I sit in Matatu and drive to Eskashem, the village at the entrance of the Wakhan Valley. As we have heard that the gravel road in the Wakhan corridor is quite sandy and unsuitable for 2wd cars, we decided to leave Oskar behind in Khorog.

The road is winding through a narrow valley along the Afghan border. Every now and then is the valley widening itself and give space for agriculture. We stop regularly to talk with the farmers and to shoot some pictures.

«Please take a picture of us», are we frequently asked. Short after the click sound of the camera follows a «thank you» with a bright sincer smile. What's going on here?! Usually we have to beg and persuade people that we can take a picture - a world upside down!

The people here are indescribable. Children, who are playing with a genial smile and an incredible attitude to life. Farmers,  who carry the marks of a hard working life but still have a beam with happiness all over their face.

My fatality is my knowledge of the Russian language. Over and over I get into conversations and have to answer thousands of questions. Mille uses the favour and takes pictures of the people. Well, I had the same intention. Even though, I get every now and then my changes too and can capture the aura of Wakhan in a photo.

«You know, the people, over on the Afghan side, are much friendlier than us», are we hearing all the time. Frankly speaking, this is very hard to imagine that this is possible. The Wakhan corridor has gained easily a place in my absolute travel-highlights - thanks to the people of Wakhan.