The First Encounters

What a feeling it is to have Matatu back an cruising on the wrong side of the road. Left driving in a left steered car is just a tiny bit strange.
It's easier than thought to drive in Tanzania. The road rules here are simply: As bigger the car as more right you have. Matatu is right on top, straight after the lorries and the extremely dangerous coaches. So as soon people see Matatu they give way and as soon we see one of those coaches approaching... we drive as far as possible off the road - we love our lifes.

The first destination on our odyssey through Tanzania is the Mikumi national park. People call this park also «the small Serengeti». The good stuff on it is: It is much less crowded and cost a fortune less!
The road is leading us through every little town on the way. Each one posses at least 10 small and two or three large speed bumps. It takes us about 6 hours to get those 300km done. Faster than 50km per hours is not really possible. Well it is possible, that's why I got that day two tickets for speeding! If you ever intend to drive in Tanzania: Be aware that only one single km per hour too fast gets you a ticket.

Thomas barely can hold himself on the passenger seat. Everywhere he spots a new animal, which he didn't see before. Buffalo, Elephants, Giraffes, Impalas, Wildebeest, birds... only the lions we missed. We are nearly the only car in the park, except the safari car we are talking to: «They are just there, no 400 meters from here. Just saw them under the bush there.». We passed that place a few minutes earlier and didn't see one of those pussy cats. Excited as hell we drive back, only to find out that they must have left already again. A bit disappointed we continue to another part of Mikumi. While driving around, we are joking that a Leopard will be waiting for us around the corner.
«Leopard!», Thomas is nearly falling out of his seat and starts hurryingly to wind up the window. Na, it's too small for a Leopard, a Cheetah then? Holly Molly, noooo way it's a Serval cat