The Fairyland

After a day resting at the Panorama Logde at Lake Manyara, we feel better and our motivation is back. We are ready to take on the Ngorongoro Conservation.
The Plan is to enter in the late afternoon, as the entry is valid for 24 hours, stay at the crater rim in a camp and then early morning driving down in to the crater. Sounds easy, just to get entry permit is bit more tricky. Due to corruption, you are not able to get it at the main gate. You need to go to the bank, pay the fee, drive to the office show the payslip and collect your permit there and then you can drive to the gate. Just the bank accountant is not so friendly and helpful and insists that we only can pay in USD. Well yeah, the prices are in USD but why can't we simply pay in Tanzanian Shillings and use the current exchange rate? It's not rocket sience, is it?
After long discussion, we are able to pay in Shillings - just to find the guards at the main gate angry because we did not pay in Dollars. With a «next time you need to pay in Dollars», we are allowed to enter into the fairyland.