The Lions Den

The road from Ngorongoro to Serengeti is terribly corrugated but this doesn't bother us as we had a great time down in the Ngorongoro crater.
We are just a bit under pressure as our permit is running out and it seems Serengeti is still so far away. And why do you always spot animals or special things when you are in a hurry?
We can't resist and take our time to observe the hustle & bustle of about 60 Vultures around a carcass.
In the very last minute we reach the Serengeti Gate and get rid of another fortune for a 48 hours permit in the Park - please let us see some wicked things!

Someone must have heard our beggings as one of the first things we see the next morning is a Leopard. A damn wild Leopard! Holly Molly, how many times have I been to Africa before and never spotted one?!
It's ridiculous to say but this is just the beginning - someone must have let the Lions out for us. The same day we see two kills by two beautiful Lioness. Just in case you missed it: TWO kills!

We get up at 5am the next morning as we don't want to miss the early morning action. We've slept incredible good. Not only because the lions. Nope we had also a few Hyenas around Matatu the whole night, which sang us to sleep. Well, if you are a city person, you probably be petrified by all those natural noises in the night. Especially when the Hyena howls 1 meter away from your bed. But for us it was like a love song.
However, we drive out to the place where we saw the two kills the day before, only to find the Lioness sitting again at the carcass. About half an hour later, a baby Wildebeest steps out of the high grass just behind Matatu. The chase is on! The Wildebeest tries to run around Matatu but the Lioness is to fast, to strong - lethal. The moment is perfect, like in a documentary, just the Popcorn is missing.
Now it's getting boring: an hour later we see another Lion kill...

After three fantastic, incredible and unbelievable days we drive to the west gate. We are laughing, what possibly can beat this sightings?
One thing can: three Lioness on a tree.
Lions are on trees in Lake Manyara but Serengeti?! A guide confirms: He's driving to Serengeti very frequent since he is 7 years old. Now in his age of over 50, he hears that the very first time there.