A Tough Start

So here we are, in a beautiful small camp, just above Lake Manyara.
We are on our way to Lake Natron, followed by the famous Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks. Yeah, we are pretty excited to be finally here!

But what happened before? How did we suddenly happen to be in Tanzania Africa?
Long story short: Someone screwed it up «BIG TIME»!
I needed to get a visa reference number so we could apply for the Sudanese visa. Therefore we hired a guy called Midhat Mahir, who's supposed to be THE guy for Sudan visa questions, to apply for this number in Sudan. He let me wait over three weeks, telling me all the time everything is fine it only takes time. Eventually, he told me he cancelled to process because I did not pay. But hang on, Midhat Mahir told me that his brother is in Dubai and will some when come over to collect the money, which he never did. 
Running out of visa time and also being pretty fed up on only sitting around in Dubai, made me realise that we will be forced to ship Matatu to Africa instead of driving.

While Matatu was in a container on it's way to Dar Es Saalam (nope, this is not the capital of Tanzania), we flew to Zanzibar (yes this is Tanzania too) to relax and get ready for the African adventure. We really didn't do so much than slacklining the whole day and having a beer in the evening - what a life it was. Those two weeks just flew past. 

As soon as we were arrived in Dar Es Salaam we found ourself kidnapped. 
Thinking back, makes me laugh - I travelled so many years around the globe and got never something stolen, robbed or what ever. So how the hell could the first thing which happened to me possible be kidnapping?
There were quite few factors who played for the lionfood-buffaloshit-malariamosquito-scumbags and so they managed to trick me. Sitting nearly three hours in a car with four big black guys and getting a way overpriced city tour - from ATM to ATM.
Cellphones, Tablet, cash, watch and a ridiculous high amount from our debit & credit cards they scored.

Shit happens and Tanzania is still beautiful :)
Happy & save travels to everyone!